Social Media Fast 

Life is a loop that has everyone excessively watching over it. It’s hard for anyone to escape this unless you’re an ascetic monk. Or you live on a mountain or in a cave, somewhere in Eastern Europe. 

The first loop of life is self-absorption. The first weight of life is ourselves. Our self-righteousness, covetousness, narcissm and addictions. What makes a fast hereby necessary is that it is a detachment from the usual to climb unto the unusual.

One can fast from things other than food including social media, friends, socialization, etc. But one relatively simple one to undertake is fasting from social media. Fasting fosters a detachment that helps you reconnect to a distinctive evaluation of your life. It diffuses artificial smokes that blind us. 

There should be no goals without fastings. No timelines, no big changes. Personally, I fast from social media during the last week of a month. While you can choose a routine that works for you, you have to outline the direction of your fasting. 

Fasting is not done for fasting sake. Fasting is a deliberate journey to withdraw from one place to another. And so, you should be able to track your movements. Know why you want to move in the first place. Know where you want to head to. Do well to jot down these things.  

What a year(already)! 

The final week of 2017 was heartwarming. Eleventh hour wonders and all. But then, I’ve not been here in a little while(feels like a great while), was met with hitches in January. I’m here cos i scaled through, and why not. They’re many factors I’ve missed, if I say em, my day could be blush ridden. 

Oh yeah, I did end the Just Jesus program on where it’d started: Facebook. It’s end was epic, I think. That entire side is another story in itself. 
So far in 2018(or what they’re calling 2k18), I’ve been poetic. Yes – look at me! I then discovered I’ve been writing poems for longer than I thought. I think it’s still a beautiful and succinct artistic expression of course, that’s why I retrained myself in it, despite how jealous prose has been. I don’t blame prose, I come from a reasonably sober background. I even think I am really considering a full-blown book in poetry.
 On prospects. I might have started this “goals group” on the sidelines. It’s not genuine but, its a somewhat fresher approach to things. Many theories of goals exists. Goals have to exist, or any variant of  what can be termed a target. And why not, life moves, breathes and progresses in it’s qualification as life. 

The next thing I want to say is arrgghhh. I think I’m worth more this year than last year(Oh my God, this post is narcissistic). My point is this: that great teacher called Time, has educated me quite diversely on the art of growth. Who hasn’t been educated anyways?
Happy New Year, Beloveds!

Consult for porn? 

I know stuffs. A reasonable size of stuffs. And to this, I can virtually pass for a consultant (I heard with the right suit, office and accomplices). With all that I know, I’m genuinely a Christian, too. Infact, God is mostly responsible for the inspiration, keenness and savoir faire I possess. Prospective clients don’t always know I’m subordinate to God in this industry. Why should they, that would likely reduce my market share. Huh? I’m not certain of that. I’m yet to test that one out. But here’s what I know: Christians have been one tribe with supportive fellows. Personally, I would support any legitimate Christian business endeavor to a reasonable length. The target is financial independence and liberty for the brethren. 

Anyways, a business is about selling products. Certain products do not exactly have a tribe, race or other distinguishing feature. After the logic for a target market is known, you can sell to almost anyone. On the surface that would settle the issue for me but no, I’m adding another factor to my trade: ethics. I do have to add ethics in a brazen and deep fashion else untargeted clients would come my way. Actually, they already have. Recently I was met casually by an individual who knew not who I am, professionally. We conversed about sobering up for better prospects for the new year. We judged aside regular people. He asked light questions about online enterprise endeavors which had been on his mind. I did try to answer them, offering as a source of value but surely watching the fine line between professional knowledge and talking. 

The fellow was pleased. I lent him an app on the spot to secure an encouragement for plans, after I formally spoke of my trade. Then, what business in particular were we talking about? Porn! A freaking porn site!!! So, I became still and silent. I never tried much more afterwards. I wouldn’t be slightly interested in that. I try, in cases like this to, speak neutrally. Neutrality – is the highest consensus I can land at with complicated clients. Without neutrality, ethics cannot endure. Some cases of course don’t deserve a deliberation on neutrality. Lord knows, I’m not meant to do consulting for any resemblance of pornography. 

Photo credit: Huffpost 

A simpleton’s guide to spending Christmastide

There are many expected outcomes for being merry at Christmas. Everyone prepares for them. Some sophisticated, some simple. I’m meant to dwell on the latter though. For the simpletons, being merry is a minimal affair with some fluttering. Do not regard this guide with an agile curiousity. It’s for the amusingly simple minded ones alone. It’s however also not exclusive. 

On Christmas lights and decorations

This is fun stuff for viewing, all that decorations. And of course, it weighs heavily on shaping a festive atmosphere. A simpleton needn’t buy theirs ready-made, as most corporate homes do. He or she needn’t also just warp the lights around the tree by himself. Although the simpleton has to attempt the warping, he should be bored and procrastinate it’s completion into some infinite time in the future. He should be distracted by some other simple commitment such as TV, a trend or their thoughts. If they are lucky, they’d complete the decorations. 

On what to buy

Buy impulsively on a disposable income or ejectable budget. What I would mean by that is though you aren’t a big spender, some seasonally customized goods become available in the yuletide. Don’t buy them because you planned to. Buy them because you saw them and only just the right fit for you. 

On how to dress

Though your neighbor is fully aware of Christmastide, they shouldn’t be overly observant of the fact that you’re not going simple on it. I mean, with your looks not your house’s. The way of the simpleton is modest, without any enforcements of red colored patches easily on them. 

On where to go

This is absolutely not the time to visit familiar locations. Also, you shouldn’t go where you have been reluctant to be at. It’s not the time to try out most new things. Mostly you should try walking down the street or heading to the axis of conventional locations to get a flare of things. 

On what to eat

Eat anywhere you’re called to. There’s going to be a huge value of homemade foods in homes, grilled stuff or just outdoor experiences. You don’t have to burden self with yuletide meals, just eat as regular for survival and anticipate an invitation. 

On what to listen to

Oh boy, go for something classical through the headphones! ….or other neoclassical, commendably zeitgeist music. 

On what to see

Take in human activity at it’s most relaxing and creative time of the year. 

P.S: Break all this rules before you keep them and you’re not a standard simpleton but a good merry fellow. 

​THE FLESH WHO DWELT AMONG US. Just Jesus – DAY 17 | Exhortation

Jesus Christ coming on the earth physically was monumental. The first of its kind. An experience that could be termed, one and only. He specifically desired to be born in the nation Israel. It would be a homecoming affair, to a people He had communicated with, fought for and guided from ancient times. Israel was a familiar terrain for Him, in His plan to reach out to mankind. But alas, His own received Him not. For the circumstances of His birth was dazzling and became undermined by them. And He didn’t waver. 

Jesus Christ came in person so that the intimacy of His dwelling among would us would inspire, transform, ennoble and uplift us. By His glory made manifest, we would know what to expect of heaven towards us. The Word of God responsible for the functioning and authorship of creation was turned into flesh and blood to exist on the earth awhile. To be like His brethren. This connotes tangibleness. God meant to have His glory and power witnessed, felt and seen of the world. God had sent His only begotten son that, He would come to practically lead the way by every means to the making of the firstborns.  

The association and affiliation of Christ dwelling among us is the closest effort of God towards man. So that, God doesn’t spare anyone who undermines this. It is the exhaustion of heavenly means for earthly progress. It shall be awful to all together reject the Savior, deny His birth and manifestation and neglect His glory – all of His undertakings which came at a price that wasn’t our responsibility. 
Draw near, dear Jesus, become indwelling in me today as I accept the gifts and promise of your coming – to me, as a Heavenly fact. 

Scriptures: Romans 8:29 

​THE MYSTERY OF HIS BIRTH. Just Jesus – DAY 16 | Expounding 

Christ had the most dramatic birth story ever known. That means, He wasn’t even yet born and there were already big stories to tell of Him. Someone phenomenal was hitting the earth, was coming to be with man, was – Emmanuel. He was that Word which became flesh and dwelt amongst us, the tangible presence of the ancient of days. This is the outline of the essence of His coming. To associate with man again and return him to being like Himself.

Christ was hence born in Bethlehem, away in a manger. Although a native of Nazareth. And manifested in Jerusalem and beyond. The sequence is indicative of the mystery of His actions in those that are His. Though we are of where we hail from by birth, we get reborn into Him away from the old and former ancestral foundations. And the hope of our glory does not stand to come from a small, tiny circle of our past but a rather hopeful manifestation to the wider world.  

Christ in us manifested, was the target of the Son of God. To take us from where we have been, through where we come from to a better place He’s headed. Christmas, because He had to come and do this Himself to make it perfect. Christmas is regardful of the personal attempt of God to gain man. Contrastingly, His being born was a quiet event only genuinely understood and celebrated by heaven before announced to be made remarkable by men because of the gravity of what outstanding feat would take place. It had been prophesied for too long that God would come to be amongst men and, all of creation was anticipating this. But the formula for the birth of the greatest King was reversed and made subtle. His birth was the genesis of a great MISSION. A MISSION of God to every creature. 

​JESUS CHRIST, THE ACCESS. Just Jesus – DAY 15 | Edification 

With Jesus, we are never supposed to fail or give out. However, this works only for those who have gotten a profound understanding of the why and how. When the Lord was on the earth He consistently spoke of how that He and His Father were one, how that He depended upon the leadership and directives of the Father so as to operate in the world. In our case, we won’t scale through outside the realms of the Being who is the Way, Truth and the Life. As a result, Jesus Christ is the access for us unto the throne of grace. 

The throne of grace is the exulted elevation of God which prior to salvation we had no access to laying our issues before. But now, Hebrews 4: 16 injuncts that, “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy… ” Our needs, depths, worries and issues, needn’t be shyly handled as though we yet deserve less in God. Jesus Christ showed us a pattern of unison with His Father on the earth that proved that if there were an unequal, imperfect and unseemly relationship between Jesus and the Father, the fellowship to execute the mind of God on earth wouldn’t have been possible. 

“….and find grace to help in time of need” for we’d need assistance every now and then. Every now and then, we need to reinforce, be reinstated, grow. The grace of God is the premise for the assistance God shall give us, surely. But in that time of need, we’d need access to a special grace, specifically for those needs. And we seek, ask and find it from the throne as we need it. The grace that comes from knowledge of our connection to Christ, the access into God. 

Give us the grace to meet what we must Dear Lord, that we should learn to be dependent on the authority and concern of your throne…


Scriptures: Hebrews 4: 26, John 5: 19

Feeding All Impossibilities of Life or, F.A.I.L 

You’re not certain about this godly thing, you’re not sure you’d make every one of your grades, you’re not sure your life will turn out good, you don’t know whether you’re meant to be successful. They are several things that aren’t working as they’re supposed to, things that have us stuck, things that might be – impossible. 
Quit with asking the passive. Stop saying “will I really be able to follow Christ?” You don’t truly fail until you accept it. Till you build a tent over it, have some coffee and chill out. Let your faith be in today, not tomorrow. This should change the perspective of how we follow God. It entails that we are dependent upon His upholding. Passives like, “what happened to you can happen again” change them for, “how about what’ll happen in me has never happened before” 
Stop following Christ with self-confidence! So many times the Lord highlighted man’s helplessness, limits and the place for God’s intervention. When He said, “which of you can add one cubit”  “we ought to pray”. These measures heralded the position and responsibility of God to cater for His creation at given points. Many times, small or zero faith is as a result of not believing God mightily cares, that God finds a creature deserving of intervention, mercy and protection. Have faith that God will take you to the VERY END. Every demonstration of God is founded on faith. If He isn’t pleased, they’ll be no demonstration. How can His Spirit work mightily in anyone who doesn’t believe He can do as much as He pleases? 
Have faith or fail. There are many negative possibilities in failing to have faith. Such as the enemy gaining a foothold that births self-love, self-confidence, self-righteousness, sin, secrecy. You don’t believe God can shutdown and resurrect whatever He likes? He can! Faith is not dead. It drives us rather into proactive measures and steps. 
Do you believe that you will be a child of God forever, for everlasting? Do you believe that your faith and trust is an intentional move by God beforehand? If you believe it, act like it! If you don’t really believe it, act it till your life agrees to it. Failing thinks God is prejudicial. Failing carries fear. Failing, feeds into discouragement, doubt and demoralization. 

JESUS CHRIST, OUR PRAISE. Just Jesus – DAY 14 | Extolling

12 Wherefore  Jesus also, that he might sanctify the  people with his own blood, suffered  without the gate. 13 Let us go forth  therefore unto him without the camp,  bearing his reproach. 14 For here have we  no continuing city, but we seek one to  come. 15 By him therefore let us offer the  sacrifice of praise to God continually, that  is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his  name.

20 Now the God of peace, that  brought again from the dead our Lord  Jesus, that great shepherd of the sheep,  through the blood of the everlasting  covenant, 21 Make you perfect in every  good work to do his will, working in you  that which is wellpleasing in his sight,  through Jesus Christ; to whom be glory  for ever and ever. Amen. 

– Hebrews 13 

​JESUS CHRIST: THE MIND OF GOD. Just Jesus – DAY 13 | Expounding

It is almost intriguing to witness men imagine that the mind, outcomes and thoughts of God has never changed for the last, for example, 2,000 years. It is realized that the patterns of which God walked with Moses was not the very same with that of Christ and much less the Apostles. The change was the cross. Thus, the cross was the creative idea for reconciliation. For all men who believe, to make peace with God through Christ Jesus. 

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever. Jesus Christ the Alpha and Omega, how’s He supposed to have His mind flipped? Something is this: the position or movements of God are not stagnant. But His nature is unchanging. That’s a vital truth and fact. God can choose to make up His mind over something, reason with a particular situation based on His fundamental nature – this is part of the whole idea of making man in His own image. God is not a one way telepath. He has choices, options to relay from a standard and single point of view.  

Look to this: they are times when one gains fresh insights and revelations about a verse or more as the Christian path progresses. That revelation is a function of the living versatility of the Spirit of God. It is by this that Christ made the declaration of the live union He abode in with His Father that, whatsoever He saw His Father doing was the same He did. It would seem like the Father then was revolting against the law and commandments He set down many years ago Himself. But no, He was fulfilling the essence of the law through a scheme that was entirely unconventional. 

Help us Dear Lord, that we may learn to abide in your Word daily and not be aside in the freshness of the fruits of your speakings and mind brought forth…

Scripture: John 5: 19